About Rappore

Rappore is a telehealth clinical practice founded at the height of the pandemic by mental health leaders at Columbia, Harvard and other top institutions. Given societal upheaval and the alarming increase in anxiety, depression, loneliness and other signs of distress, their goal was to make high-quality, accessible and affordable care available to more people.

Our Mission

We partnered with business colleagues whose highest priority was putting clients’ needs first, not as a marketing slogan but as a principle underlying all programmatic decisions. As we were under no pressure to scale up quickly or meet financial targets, we were able to build our team one clinician at a time and provide them with the tools needed to practice effectively.

Realizing that the quality of care depended on our therapists’ and prescribers' expertise, integrity and compassion, we set up the most thorough and rigorous vetting process. Licensing, credentials, experience, and skills were prerequisites for a series of interviews that enabled us to assess how a therapist or prescriber might handle difficult clinical situations as well as their character, collegiality and passion for learning.

We limited caseloads so that our clinicians had enough time to review previous treatments, the evolution of symptoms and life challenges, and to develop thoughtful, collaborative treatment plans.

Our Name – Rappore

Rapport is the basis for meaningful and harmonious interpersonal interactions. It's the feeling you get when you meet someone you trust and who understands your point of view. It's the bond formed when you realize you have similar values and priorities. When you establish rapport with someone, you can better share important information, mainly because the trust you've developed suggests that others are willing to accept your ideas and collaborate.

Rapport is the foundation not only for effective therapy but also for fostering satisfying relationships and advancing in one's job and profession. It is the cornerstone for long-term happiness and self-actualization.

Better Communication

Clients’ needs often are multidimensional, and in addition to therapy and prescribing, they may need additional services. On their own, clients may find the search for other services confusing and frustrating.

To facilitate referrals, Rappore selects best-in-class providers with whom we have worked many years and who also believe that integrity, quality and rapport with clients are the foundation for achieving desired results. We work closely with our partners to ensure that care is coordinated and effective.

Our Partners

Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Inpatient Care

  • Columbia University Department of Psychiatry and New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Sterling Recovery

Neuropsychiatric Testing

  • Cognitive Assessment Group

Online Resilience Classes

  • The Flourishing Center

Academic Assistance, Tutoring and Test Preparation

  • Advantage Testing

Empowering Technology

We increasingly rely on technology to communicate, work, stay informed, shop, and manage our finances. We are so immersed in technology that we are sometimes unaware of how much it may harm our lives. For example, it can become an addiction, increase the fear of missing out, exacerbate anxiety and depression, and increase loneliness.

Rappore's mission is to make technology more human-friendly while helping us do meaningful things faster and more effectively.

With this in mind, we developed our proprietary questionnaire – Mental Health Fingerprint® - after two years of research, collaborating with thousands of clients. Unlike other questionnaires, which focus primarily on depression and anxiety, it addresses people as complex human beings dealing with multiple challenges. It screens for nine important diagnoses, social and work functioning, loneliness, health, resilience, and signature strengths. This fuller assessment enables clients, their therapists, and prescribers to identify treatment targets more effectively. Rappore’s Mental Health Fingerprint® also monitors ongoing symptom severity and day-to-day functioning to determine whether desired outcomes are being met and to adjust treatment plans to achieve results more effectively.

Safety First  

Rappore’s Faculty has been at the forefront of developing mental health quality-of-care protocols. We use the same methods that have made the airline industry a safety model: certification and the most rigorous ongoing training, multiple checklists to ensure that treatment protocols are followed, technology that provides comprehensive information on patients' progress, and flags that indicate the need for case reviews.

Because of our high standards, untoward outcomes are rare.  If they occur, it is our highest priority to understand the reasons and address the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Among the numerous issues we carefully review are the following:

  • The patient's mental health history to determine what treatments have been successful and unsuccessful.
  • Recognition of undiagnosed conditions like PTSD.
  • Awareness of exacerbating factors like medical illnesses.
  • Building a solid therapeutic relationship.
  • Recognizing and addressing the reasons if symptoms are persisting.
  • Identifying and addressing clinical situations that pose a risk.
  • Knowing how to taper medications with significant withdrawal effects.
  • Justifying the prescribing of more than one medication and high doses of medications.
  • Making sure that all other treatment options have been considered before prescribing stimulants.

Our Quality Assurance Team members are among our most seasoned clinicians. The Team’s responsibility is to monitor the progress of every patient from the time of consultation to the end of treatment. It uses chart reviews and Mental Health Fingerprint® questionnaire responses to identify issues that need attention and offers teaching conferences to address them.