Our Values

We welcome you, whether therapy and medication have failed you or you have been hesitant to try either.  We know what it's like to be in a spiral of increased depression or anxiety, to be gripped by the sense that you can't keep up with the pace and stress of life, and that life is passing you by. 

Our expert and caring doctors, nurses and therapists begin by building a bridge to you - our name is Rappore for a reason - that serves as the emotional connection for addressing your pain, restoring the life you've lost, and achieving the life you've envisioned.

To ensure that your clinicians have enough time to devote to you we limit the number of patients in their practices. Evidence-based treatments are important, but in addition you must have faith in your doctor and therapist to have the courage to make the necessary changes for you to grow and thrive.

While medications have the potential to save lives, we know it is critical to monitor side effects, use the lowest effective dose of medication possible, and discontinue use when no longer needed.

“Practice does not achieve perfect”. However, experience allows for changes that improve quality and outcomes. Our program is built on a clinical model that has been refined over the course of three decades. We use time-tested evidence-based treatments and avoid new, highly touted treatments that have yet to be proven.

We believe in listening to our patients and frequently soliciting their feedback. Over 95% of former patients reported improvement after completing our program, and more than 85% reported life-changing changes at least two years later, according to a survey of over 2100 former patients.