Couples’ Issues

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Your relationship with your spouse or life partner has to withstand all the problems life can throw at it, and sometimes that’s a struggle. Rappore, a telehealth-based mental health practice headquartered in Manhattan, New York, provides people facing relationship issues with therapists who specialize in couples counseling. Their licensed clinicians help couples in multiple states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, and Texas. With their empathy and expertise, you can overcome your couple’s issues and enjoy renewed closeness with your partner.

Every relationship has its ups and downs: it’s such a cliché, it must be true.

Post-COVID, many of us know better than ever just how true it is. 

Think about everything many of us have gone through as a result of the pandemic: not only fear of illness itself, but also, job loss, financial insecurity, the death of a family member or close friend. Any one of these things can put intense pressure on even the strongest relationships. The fact that many of us are trying to manage all these challenges simultaneously is almost unfathomable. 

Even couples who find themselves in a relatively stable relationship are experiencing unique stresses. Whereas a generation ago the question of whether or not to have a child was a personal decision, anxiety over what the future might hold for you and your family is making this decision that much more fraught. Then of course there are the incredible challenges that come with raising a child. Children’s special needs and illnesses can provoke extreme anxiety, particularly when the healthcare system does not respond promptly and effectively. Additionally, some couples have different views about how to raise their children, especially when it comes to discipline.

Getting Help

Resolving conflicts with a partner depends on open and constructive communication. However, many people have difficulty communicating openly, in particular sharing their feelings. And even if you do communicate openly, you might not always communicate in a constructive way. Some people have a natural tendency to be critical, which can cause even more friction in their relationships. 

Rappore’s therapists are experts in assisting individuals to learn how to listen and understand theirs partners. We also help individuals and couples deal with psychological problems like anxiety and depression that interfere with their relationships. Your therapist will provide a secure setting where individuals and couples feel heard and are more free to discuss difficult issues and emotions. Whether a couple decides to stay together or separate, therapy is beneficial.

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