About Allison Fuller, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Upper West Side, New York, NY

Allison Fuller, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Allison is an experienced Clinical Social Worker with a demonstrated history of integrating biopsychosocial, resiliency-oriented approaches for over 20 years. Allison uses a blended approach in her work with each person to best address that person’s needs utilizing a working knowledge of environmental, cultural and social factors affecting behavior patterns, wellness, and recovery. Allison’s passion is for helping others to cultivate their amazing strengths and celebrate successes while coping with and adapting to challenges and changes. Your work with Allison can be an opportunity to reflect on what it took for you to adapt and push forward to get here, tap into what you already have and be guided as you move forward through this next chapter. You can work with Allison to build a plan for next steps to face your current circumstances and situations. As you continue to move ahead, Allison will assist you to grow your strengths, realizing all that is amazing inside you so that your authentic self can flourish. Allison has extensive experience working with individuals living with Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as grief, trauma, interpersonal stressors and workplace challenges, to name some. Allison has a passion for providing supervision for developing professionals both enrolled in college as well as those practicing in the field.  

Since 2007, she has been supervising Social Work and Mental Health Counseling students and as part of this, she also completed the SIFI course to provide field supervision to students in their Master’s programs in Social Work.



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